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Felber Ornamental


For more than 30 years, Felber Ornamental Plastering Corporation has been perfecting the art of ornamental plaster. The present Felber studio is the great-grandchild of a turn-of-the-century company, The Voigt Company, which closed its doors in 1939. Felber Ornamental Plastering Corporation is proud of its heritage and prides itself on its attention to the authenticity of its products and craftsmanship. One benefit of our ancestry is that in addition to the stock items pictured in our catalogue, we have an archive of over 2000 antique molds. We welcome serious inquiries from our customers regarding these items.

Felber Ornamental

Price List

All prices are F.O.B. our shop in Parkesburg, PA.
No sales tax included in prices.
Crating is typically 15% of total order.
All prices are for ornaments cast in plaster for interior applications.
Prices for cornice, friezes, and mouldings are based on a minimum quantity of 40 l.f.
Certain items are available in exterior grade.
Felber Ornamental Plastering Corp. reserves the right to make changes in all prices and specifications
and to discontinue models without notice.

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106 Shamrock Lane Parkesburg, PA 19365

(p) 610-275-4713

1- 800 - 392 - 6896


106 Shamrock Lane Parkesburg, PA 19365